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We make it easy. We take care 100% of the digital marketing and you take care of selling.

We create a new site in order not to interfere with your current digital work.
We promote your products on social networks, search engines, banners, etc.
Contact information of those interested in your products.
Each sale made allows us to know where to direct our campaigns.

Generation of exclusive leads and HIGH conversion.

Our historical conversion average is 1 SALE completed for every 25 QUERIES sent to real estate agents.

We know that there is nothing more frustrating in this area than having to contact dozens of people and not receive a response or confirmation. As well as wasting time in helping people who do not have the necessary resources or are not potential customers for their products.

At we knew how to channel this problem and we developed a tool that will not only save you time but also make you sell.

The only digital marketing platform that charges only if you sell.

What do we offer?
Let's suppose that as a real estate agent you market your own business or that of a developer. We create a new website with your business and we make it known through digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Search Engines, etc. In the event that a person is interested in being contacted by said undertaking, they must complete a form providing their personal information. Thus, you will immediately receive an email with the interested party's contact information. This is called a prospect or lead. You ONLY pay if a sale is generated based on the prospects/queries sent.
What if you are already doing digital marketing of your products?
Absolutely nothing. Our platform works in parallel and independent of what you are already doing. The results DO NOT interfere with your current online job or that of the digital agency you have hired.
What should you do?
You should contact the interested parties and properly follow up on them in order to make a sale. In turn, you must inform us each time a sale is generated since the continuity of our work will depend on the sales that are made. We have a direct cost for the generation of each prospect/query and if we do not obtain the necessary return, the campaigns end up pausing naturally.
How can you access our services?
Simply complete the form and we will analyze your proposal. Our success is achieved if you can sell. For this reason we need to know the potential of your product and your sales force.
Who can purchase our services?
Independent agents, real estate, developers, etc. Any person linked to the real estate sector who owns own or third party products. It is also necessary to have a sales team to attend to the queries of potential clients that we will send you daily.
What is the cost of the service?
Depending on the product you want to market, our commissions range from 2% to 4% of the sale. Remember that you ONLY pay this commission in case of making a sale. Otherwise you will NOT have to pay absolutely anything.

DO NOT just take
our word for it!

Find out what the agents think.

Impeccable with its services. They are 100% transparent and objective since they do not go around much. They will only accept your applications if they think they can sell it. The tools they provide to agents to streamline communication with potential clients are also excellent.
Highly recommended. We found their way of working new since they only charge if you make a sale. Since 2019 we have been working with them and over time the results are even better. They know how to interpret very well that the public is the one that buys our ventures. Without a doubt it is the best commercial ally we have.
I am an agent and I work for myself. I market many ventures from various developers. Their work methodology is excellent, it shows a lot that they know what they do in the sector. My congratulations.
They are undoubtedly our strategic partners in each of the ventures that we commercialize. With the right product and a good job from the agents, success is assured.

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